Fiery Sunset in Chiang Mai ~ Thailand

A fiery sunset in Chiang Mai, Thailand

I apologize for posting another sunset again after the last one.

I was planning on posting a different photo but, as I was working on cataloging my recent photos, I opened the curtains to let some evening sun inside our room and saw this incredible fiery sunset in front of me.

I just had time to grab 2 lenses, my tripod, put on a shirt and run up to the rooftop to capture the last 30 minutes before the sun disappears behind the horizon.

A storm was approaching from the East so this was the last bit of blue sky, contrasting with the bright orange of the setting sun.

Hope you like it, and I promise I’ll avoid posting a sunset shot in the next few days :)

  • Gorgeous.

  • puu ying

    Post as many as you like, all are stunning

  • MarkG

    It is a pity that I am unable to get your photos to display. Is it hidden somewhere on your site?

    • You can’t get my photos to display? That’s odd.. It works with everyone.

      I don’t know what could be the problem, sorry.

      • MarkG

        Hi Daniel, I have now sussed the problem. I see a coloured line under the title of your post and when I click on that it opens the picture. Nice work!

  • I love it when sun streams through clouds like that. :) Can’t wait to get to Chiang Mai!