“Getting out of Auto”: A Photography Ebook Review

Getting out of Auto mode photography pdf ebook for beginners

Let’s be honest. There are tons of eBooks or websites on the internet teaching you how to become a better photographer in just a few hours of reading. Some even claim they’ll teach you how to take great photos, retouch them in Lightroom or Photoshop and set up your own successful business in just 3 hours (with the accompanying flabbergasting testimonials of happy customers who are making more than $300 an hour from home with Google ads)!

I have spent weeks and month browsing websites, forums and eBooks in the dark to be able to teach myself how to become a good photographer. I refused to shoot in Auto Mode and and I wanted to be the master of Manual Mode.

Well, in all honesty, this is an eBook I wish I had in those days.


Written by Beth and Randy from Beers and Beans, Getting out of Auto is a 71-page eBook packed with so much information that it would have probably been a pop-up book if it was printed.

The design of the eBook is simply brilliant and elegant, making it a real pleasure to read. The pages are loaded with photos and examples as well as bits of historical information and quotes from famous photographers.

Regarding the content, the eBook is divided into 4 sections:

The first section covers the basic terms and important elements every starting photographer should know: Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO. Bethany uses simple examples to show how those three elements work together and effect the picture.

The second section covers essential rules of composition, depth of field and other artistic techniques like long-exposure shots.

Finishing the first two sections should have already gotten you out of Auto mode, with a good understanding of how your camera works. The third section goes deeper and talks about the photographer’s best friend: Light.

Techniques like shooting silhouettes, creating sun-flares or using the weather elements to enhance your photos are covered here with lots of colorful examples and amazing shots illustrating various techniques.

Finally the last section examines more specific areas of photography like shooting food or creating  HDR shots.

But hold on! It’s not over yet. Once everything is covered, Bethany offers a simple technique to train and work on your composition by using… paper cut-outs! I’d personally advise you to print the eBook before grabbing your scissors and cutting out your screen.

In general, the whole book is written in a very easy to understand, familiar and humorous tone, making it accessible to anyone.

My only critique would be that the book contains so much information, it sometimes feels too compact. Adding more empty space or full page photos would have made it a little easier to read and not s0 overwhelming.

Despite that, I recommend this eBook without hesitation to anyone wanting to improve their photography. It is nicely designed, easy to understand and costs about as much as a cocktail, only $10.. You can afford that, can’t you? It’ll save you weeks of research for sure!

So click on the banner below, get the book and finally unleash your creativity.

Getting out of auto photography ebook for beginners

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Dave and Deb

Glad to hear that you loved it. I’m looking forward to reading Bethany’s book!


This book sounds like a great resource for a beginning photographer! Do you have any idea why they decided not to print the book?
Just curious.

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Glad you liked the book Daniel! I put my heart and soul into that thing. :)