A Speeding Bomb ~ Thailand

A speeding scooter under the rain carrying gas tanks in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I had a friend visit me 2 weeks ago in Chiang Mai from France. As he is also a photographer, we decided to just walk around and take street shots in the market by the river.

We never got further than a few steps when a crazy storm just popped out of nowhere and it started raining. We had to just sit down in a cafe and took the opportunity to work on our panning shots.

Panning in photography is a technique that consists of following a main moving subject with your camera. This technique results in photos like the one above where the subject is more or less sharp (depending on your skills) and the background is streaked, suggesting speed or fast motion. In order to achieve great results, you have to choose the right shutter speed depending on how fast the subject is moving while keeping him in the same position in your frame.

As you can see, I still need to polish my skills a bit as the scooter and driver are not as sharp as they should be.

This one driver made me laugh. A “speeding bomb“. I can’t imaging what would happen if he lost control of the bike and crashed into a car. He would probably wipe out half the city.

Here’s another one of a tuk tuk I caught a few minutes earlier. Hope you enjoy!

A panning shot of a speeding tuk tuk in the rain in Chiang mai, Thailand.

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Well, if you say you still need to polish your skills, I believe you! I wish I knew at least how to shoot like that though :P

Scott - Quirky Travel Guy

Interesting, I could’ve used this technique when I tried to take pics of roller coasters last week. I would need a lot of practice, though!

Chais Meyer

I’m in!
Experimentation time is under way…thanks for sharing these shots with us!