The Coconut Farm ~ Thailand

An old lady cleaning coconuts in a farm in Thailand and a blade used to remove the coconut husk.

During a bike tour from Bangkok to Koh Samui with Beyond Boundaries Travel, we stopped at a coconut farm near Hua Hin. It was interesting to see how coconuts were harvested and cleaned before being sent to factories/markets.

Basically, to pick up coconuts from trees, they either send trained monkeys to climb and do the job or they use insanely long bamboo sticks with a hook attached at the end. It’s then a game of precision to reach and cut the coconuts.

After the coconuts are picked, underpaid villagers remove the husk using sharp blades planted in the ground (as seen on the right photo). They smash the coconut against the blade many times and slowly remove parts of the husk. We asked them if injuries happen and the old woman replied showing the scars on her hands:

Every week I cut myself but only small cuts. Sometimes bigger cuts happen then we have to go to the hospital.

Once the husk is removed, other workers clean up the seed using machetes to reveal the flesh.

I had the pleasure to taste the freshly cleaned coconuts and drink some of the coconut water (often confused with the coconut milk, which is something different).

Quick Tips:

You can use different photos together and create diptychs like the one above. Diptychs (or triptychs if 3 photos) are 2 photos next to each other telling a story or illustrating something. Here you can see 2 different tools used to clean coconuts and the photos complete each other. Diptychs can also illustrate 2 contradicting images or, for example, a portrait and a detail. Try it and have fun.

  • Cool thanks for the education :)

  • Mack Reynolds

    Really nice photos. I like the story going along with them too. I bet that was probably one of, if not the freshest coconuts you’ve ever tasted. I love fresh coconut.

  • Woah! Thank you for this beautiful inside look into the way they harvest coconuts! The woman is so beautiful.

    • Thanks! It was interesting to see the whole process. That woman was working hard but always smiling :)