Canvas of Light version 3.0 is here!

After working on my website offline for about 2 weeks, testing different themes, playing around with CSS and breaking/fixing things, I have finally reached a point where I am happy with the results.

Canvas of Light ~ Travel Photography has now a brand new design.

I first launched my Photography Blog in October 2008 on Blogspot. It was a way for me to share my passion and improve my craft while working in a cubicle in the UAE.

Later after quitting my job and backpacking through different countries, I slowly changed my “hobby-blog” to a Travel Photography blog where I’d share photos from places I visited.
In September 4th 2010, almost a year ago, I decided to drastically change direction and migrated to a self-hosted website with a brand new cool design and much bigger photos. The feedback was incredible and I had 10 times more daily visitors than before.
I started sharing more photography related articles with “Quick tips” and “How to” software tutorials. But inevitably, I noticed the limits of having a simple theme. It was time for a change.

The new theme will give me room to improve and expand my photoblog to become a more professional photography website. I didn’t just want a portfolio but also a place where people can share and learn about photography. I still wanted to keep the clean and simple feel with big photos but needed to separate my blog section from my portfolio.

So here’s a list of changes from my old design:

  • Canvas of Light used to only be a place to showcase my photography. Now the Blog section is separated from the Portfolio section.
  • The Portfolio section will take you to my Smugmug gallery where you can browse the different categories/countries and purchase prints. It will also have a slideshow of my favorite photos. Sit back and enjoy.
  • The Blog section will not only be used for showcasing new photos, but will also have a more personal touch with stories, anecdotes, random thoughts and whatever I feel like posting. Just like a normal personal blog.
  • To view a bigger version of the photos, click on the image. There is also a “Buy Now” button available for prints.
  • There is a new “Resources” section with Tutorials (for photography tutorials) and Reviews (to review gears, cameras, lenses, etc..), as well as an E-book section to review Photography related e-books and to sell my own photography e-books (to be available in the next few months).
  • You can minimize the menu sidebar by clicking “Hide Menu” on the bottom left side, switch your browser to fullscreen and enjoy huge photo slideshows as big as your screen.
  • On the Blog page, you can use the Search box in the bottom or browse by Category or by Date to find older posts.

Now an important question. Will I monetize my blog? Will I have ads everywhere? Yes and no.

There won’t be blinking ad banners everywhere or any nasty pop-ups. I like to keep it clean. I will however start monetizing my website by adding photography and travel related Amazon links as well as affiliate links to e-books (all products will be carefully chosen). Nothing really intrusive.

I hope you’ll enjoy the change and let me know if you encounter any bugs or for any feedback/additions.

Happy browsing and don’t forget to check the Home page!

  • I thought your website before was lovely… but this is just stunning! Amazing job, Dan. I can’t wait to explore it all!

    • Thank you very much Sally! I liked my previous theme but it had it limits and the menu wasn’t really functional. Seems to be all good now!

  • Looks great Dan!

  • Love the new design Dan!

  • congrats, daniel! this new look is AMAZING! clean, functional and gorgeous. great work!

    • Thank you very much Christine :) I spent 2 weeks to try to find a good theme hehe.

  • Congrats, Dan. Enjoyed reading about your progression, and the new design is beautiful.

  • Dan, I’m a (very) new reader, so I don’t know what your format was like before, but this is simply gorgeous! Sleek and vibrant, you should be very proud.

    Thanks for sharing such beauty!

  • Daniel,

    This looks great, well done. Very sharp and I love the sidebar nav.