Kentucky Barn ~ USA

A red barn in a soya beans filed in Kentucky, USA.

While driving towards the Rough River lake for a weekend, I managed to get this barn from the car window against the “Simpson Sky”.

My girlfriend told me I captured what can easily represent Western Kentucky: Red old barns, vast green fields of corn, soya beans or tobacco, and blue skies with white puffy clouds on a hot summer day.

This is the countryside in Kentucky. A very relaxing and laid back area I enjoyed during my 3 weeks stay and looking forward to visit again in the future.

Now I’m off to California for a week and then back home to Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Quick Tips:

Use polarizing filters when shooting landscapes with a beautiful blue sky. Not only will it deepen the sky color, it will also saturate all colors in the shot, remove unwanted glare, and improve contrast. Polarizing filters are best used when shooting at a 90 degree angle from the sun (sun on your left or right, not in front or behind). And remember that circular polarizers have a part of the filter that can be rotated to achieve the best results.

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  • Really like this Dan – super simple and vibrant. Quaint scene that hits home for a lot of people.

  • I grew up in that area and would agree with your girlfriend. The vibrant colors here is outstanding.

  • unbelievable that this was taken from a car. great stuff! I love seeing the USA through your lens.

  • I feel like the universe is winking at me… I am currently in Kentucky, thinking about how much I’d love to go out there and take photos. I clicked on your blog from my Google Reader and an image from Kentucky popped up. I love the photo and I love the synchronicity. Thank you very much for sharing this beauty.

  • This is one of those images that’s so classic America. One of those images I call to mind when I think of the things I love about being an American. Thanks for capturing so perfectly what my mind’s eye sees! Not that I’m surprised.

  • Dan, you’ve got it goin on!

  • I agree with Kristen, this photo is classic America. The circular polarizer is my best friend :) I rarely take it off my main lens.

  • Oh My God , the sky is just – maybe the most beautiful sky I have ever seen! No smog , no dirt – just a sky in a sunny beautiful day – lovely!

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  • Dorothy

    I can’t believe this photo was shot from a car! Such clear sky and vivid colors, simply amazing!

  • Carlo Rainier

    I love that picture above, the sky is really refreshing seems that it is full of hope. I never seen a sky as blue as that.

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