Desert Zen ~ UAE

A young man meditating on a desert dune near Dubai in the UAE.

A shot taken in the Sweihan area, near Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates.

We very often used to go camping in the desert or by the sea during weekends when I used to live in the UAE. It was a nice way to escape the chaos of the city and have some time alone.

This is one of my friends who always gets up in the morning and takes his hour-long meditation-yoga break. I, of course, am never far away, stalking people with my camera or taking sunrise photos.

This is also the state I’m trying to be in during my stay in the US. I’m supposed to be on holiday but I have so much work pending that I feel can’t relax completely and disconnect. My apologies to all the people who have sent me photos to critique but I am slowly catching up and will send you a mail soon.

For the weekend, I’ll be in a cabin by a lake in Kentucky, chilling and taking some time off away from internet and hopefully get some great photos.

Quick Tips:

Don’t be afraid to use empty space to emphasize the mood you want to convey in your photo. Here I wanted my shot to have a zen and clean feel so I used a lot of empty sky to make it a minimalistic shot.

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  • Daniel, I absolutely love this shot.

    I have a lot to learn from you my friend.

    • Thanks a lot Pete! Please feel free to ask anything, I’m glad to help.