Street Auto Repair ~ Thailand

A black and white street shot of an auto repair shop in Chiang Mai, Thailand


I wanted to post a different shot today, a different style of what I usually post.

I have always been a fan of B&W shots, especially street shots in monochrome. I never really posted much (I do have some, check out the Black and White tag) but I was wondering if you people enjoy it or not.

It’s not very travel related, it’s more street photography but hey.. I have a photoblog after all, not really a “travel blog”, don’t I?

Let me know what you think about it!

I got this shot while walking back home in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This shop often repairs old vehicles. The man under the car, the flip-flop, the dog, the old car.. they all made me stop for a moment and take the shot.


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A street is a place a person can go to from anoter place, and your streets are more exotic than most. Rock on with the street grabs! It counts as travel.


Great photo ! looks like it’s an old american car ? This pictures could have been taken during the 60’s I would not see any difference !

grantcheryl18 @ getyoutexbackstories

Great! Is this a vintage picture? Thank you for sharing…