Monochrome Boat ~ Thailand

A fishing boat wating for evening in a bay near Chumpon in Thailand.

Just a little “postcard photo” in black and white of a fishing boat patiently waiting during low tide in Chumphon, Thailand. This is the spot where you take the ferry boat to head out to Koh Samui, our last destination during our bike tour with Beyond Boundaries Travel to rest and unwind.
These fishing boats wait for night time to head out and capture squids. They use green neon lights attached to sticks over the water to attract the squids to the surface. Interesting concept.

Quick Tips:

If you are into Black and White photography, a quick and easy tip to make your photos look better is simply to increase the contrast. A B&W photo should look as it says, with blacks and whites. Most photos straight out of the camera lack contrast and look more like shades of gray than B&W.

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  • Am always a big fan

  • I like this different shot, using monochrome, as opposed to all colourful photos you see of the Thai fishing boats.

    • Thank you very much Elise.
      Yes I kind of am sick of seeing the multicolor-wide-angle-frontal shots of Long-tail boats that pop up everywhere, wanted to do something different.