Koh Samui Rocks ~ Thailand

Rocks in the sea in Koh Samui island in Thailand

A minimalistic shot of a Koh Samui seascape I took at the end of my bike tour in the South of Thailand with Beyond Boundaries Travel. After riding (not all the way) from Bangkok to Chumphon, Koh Samui is the “end reward” for the worn out bikers.

The biggest island in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Samui seemed so developed and touristy to me since the only island I’ve been in Thailand is Koh Samet, which is a National Park with few tourists.

I loved those black and white rocks in the sea against a cloudy blue background.


Quick Tips:

I think this photo illustrates well the “less is more” idea. I didn’t need to include any other element to make it pleasing to the eye. No foreground, no boats in the sea that would distract the eye from the main subject (rocks). Be careful about your composition though, the photo would have been boring if I hadn’t followed the rule of thirds.


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