The Flower Lady ~ Thailand

An old woman selling flowers on the street in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I took this shot of an old lady preparing flower bouquets before selling them in the streets near the Ping River in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I also like the contrast between the old working woman and the young men napping in the background (it was around 10am).

I am wondering if I shouldn’t just continue on this series of working women. I had this idea after I won a photography contest themed “The Fairer Sex” with this photo. Could be interesting! There are so many women, young and old, working in Chiang Mai.

What do you think? Series or not?


Quick Tips:

Take a few steps back while taking a portrait and try to include the person and its surrounding to tell a story. The shot wouldn’t have been interesting at all if I went close-up and just took a photo of her face. Try also to include or exclude anything that doesn’t contribute to the story in the photo, or any strong color that attracts the eye away from the subject.


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khon kaen

Excellent shot! And, perfect contrast between working women and sleeping men.