Setting Sun ~ Thailand

The sun setting behind the mountains in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I am grateful to be living on the 5th floor where I can have a beautiful view of Chiang Mai, the Doi Suthep mountain and the setting sun every evening (when it’s not cloudy).

Between stormy chaotic skies and dramatic fiery sunsets, every day seems to offer a different photo opportunity.

Here’s a shot of the setting sun behind the distant mountains on an almost clear day.


Quick Tips:

A fun ‘365 photography project’ to do is to capture the view from your window by taking a shot every day to experience the change in seasons throughout the year.


  • I think if I saw this in person I would never need to see another sunset in my life…amazing!

    • Thank you very much Andi!
      I’m happy to be experiencing incredible sunsets just from my window while working at home.

  • Great shot! Reminds me of my 18th-story view in Seoul. Strikingly similar landscape, actually–just add in a few dozen highrises. :)

    • Thanks Hal!
      Highrises? Ha! Our 8-story high building is one of the highest buildings in Chiang Mai :)

  • Absolutely gorgeous. I need to take more time out for sunsets…

    • Thanks! Yeah, sunsets are amazing to capture. Too bad my building only faces west. I would’ve loved to capture sunrises too.

  • Gorgeous! I wish I could capture a sunset like this.

  • Wow! Beautiful pix of sunset! Curious….what camera do you use? Settings? :-)

    • Thanks a lot Nancy!
      I use a Canon 50D and always shoot on manual mode. The settings of this photo are already included, just hover your mouse on the photo and you’ll see :)


  • Wow, absolutely beautiful. Photos almost never do sunsets justice, but in this case, they definitely do.

  • Beautiful photos. What more can one say. I will keep checking back here.

  • Mack Reynolds

    really crazy picure! it looks like a sunset right out of a movie. i’m not a photographer by any means, but i can appreciate a good picture. you’ve got plenty of them here. good job. i also like your quick photography tips. they make me feel like i could be a photographer if i was so inclined.