Songkran Water Festival ~ Thailand

Songkran, the Thai New Year, celebrated in Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand in 2010.


Songkran is the traditional New Year in the Thai Calendar. It is celebrated usually between the 13th to the 15th of April (often a few days before and after too).

Songkran is also known as a massive water fight festival especially famous in Chiang Mai, North of Thailand. Thais and foreigners roam around the old city in tuck-tucks and trucks throwing buckets of water on everyone on sight. The presence of a moat around the old city makes it easier for everyone to fill their buckets.

Originally, splashing water is meant as a symbol of washing all of the bad parts of our life away. However, now it’s mainly for fun.

I spent the day walking around with my camera and got back home soaking wet and covered with a mix of chalk and water.

This photo above however is from last year, on Khao San Road in Bangkok. It was the pre-party (1 day before) along with elephant shows and all. You can imagine the chaos during those 4-5 days just by the photo.

Stay tuned for more Songkran photos in a few days!

Sawat Dee Pee Mai!


Quick Tips:

I spent the whole day walking around with my camera in the middle of the crowd and realized that a good ziplok bag with some rubber bands attached on the lens is enough to avoid the camera from getting wet. I did not have a single drop inside and got many buckets thrown at me. No need to spend so much money on expensive covers!


Things I love:

Songkran Festival and Water fights

DIY tricks and items

The feeling of being dry back at home


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Great shot, Dan, especially like the multiple streams of water! Can’t wait to see this year’s Songkran photos!


So beautiful! I love how you can see the water flying through the air, I love the vibrant colors and I adore that elephant right in the middle. Beautiful piece of photo storytelling.


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