Songkran in Chiang Mai ~ Thailand

A Thai man filling his bucket to throw on passers-by during Songkran in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


In the past few days, Chiang Mai and all of Thailand lived to the madness of Songkran, the Thai New Year. Apart from cultural events and religious/spiritual celebrations, Songkran is mostly famous for the massive water-splashing that occurs in the big cities, especially in Chiang Mai.

For 4-5 days, the streets of Chiang Mai become crowded with Thai people and foreigners, all armed with water-guns and buckets to happily splash each others face. It is impossible to get out of home and not return back soaking wet from head to toe. The most crowded parts of Chiang Mai are around the city’s moat where everyone just fills their bucket directly from it.

However, this year, Bangkok broke the world record for the biggest water-fight ever with around 3500 people drenching each other for 10 minutes.

Songkran is probably one of the funnest events I have ever attended to in the past couple of years and would love to continue experiencing it if I’m around the region.

For more photos, please head to the Songkran photo essay I published on MatadorNetwork and enjoy the splashing!

Sawadee Pee Mai!


Quick Tips:

When trying to shoot for a photo essay, try capturing small details that will tell a story. It’s not only about wide angle shots. Get close, capture faces and expressions, focus on details, document the area, try to set an intro and conclusion in photos.


Things I love:

Getting splashed all over

Throwing back a bucket of cold water

When locals and foreigners mix together for fun


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Dustin Main - Skinny Backpacker

Hopefully I can experience it for myself next year *fingers crossed*