Market Ghosts ~ Thailand

The Kad Luang Warorot Market in Chiang Mai with ghostly passers-by between the stalls.

I was able to capture ghosts moving between the stalls of the Kad Luang market (also known as Warorot market) in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Apparently, ghosts are more interested in sausages and meat than mango and dried fruits.

This shot was taken during a field trip organized with the Chiang Mai Photographic Group. We just went walking around the market for a few hours taking portraits and daily life shots.


Quick Tips:

You can use long exposure to take shots of moving people in busy places. It helps create a sense of movement and action. You don’t need to exaggerate as much as I did on this shot.

Don’t forget to stabilize your camera with a tripod!


3 Things I love:

Junk food Pizza

Mango Sticky Rice

Chiang Mai’s Immigration office (they are so friendly+TV+Free WiFi)


  • Cheri Lucas

    Ooh, very nice. Love the lines and curves and movement.

    • Daniel Nahabedian

      Thank you very much Cheri!

  • Roy | cruisesurfingz

    Brilliant long exposure shot!

    • Daniel Nahabedian

      Thanks a lot Roy :)

  • joshywashington

    Doesn’t that just capture the frenetic energy that pervades Bangkok and other Thai cities? Great pic.

    • Daniel Nahabedian

      Thanks Josh!

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