Market Buddha ~ Thailand

A Buddha statuette for sale in the Walking Street Market in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Buddha statuettes are present everywhere in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

This one was for sale at the Saturday Walking Street Market with many traditional Thai products and tableware. It was taken during an improvised Photo Walk with some Couchsurfers I met earlier during the day.


Quick Tips:

Try to pay attention to the different colors that appear in your viewfinder. If a color is too bright or is strongly contrasting with the rest of the colors, try to recompose and exclude that element. If it can’t be excluded, darken it or remove it later during post-processing.


3 Things I love:

Being Productive

Collecting Notebooks

Learning new Lightroom/Photoshop techniques.


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Roy | cruisesurfingz

Brilliant shot!


Really fantastic!