Yao Hill Tribe smile ~ Thailand

A lady from the Hmong hill tribe near Chiang Mai smiling at the camera, Thailand.


Here’s another shot of the Yao Hill Tribe (also known as the Mien tribe) near Chiang Mai, North of Thailand.

This lady was trying to remain serious during the shoot but ended up giggling then burst into laughter. That was a lovely moment.

I also like their traditional outfit with the super bright red (no I haven’t saturated the colors) collars.

If you want to read more about the Yao, head over to this photo of a more serious girl.


Quick Tips:

I usually don’t like big fake smiles on my portrait shots and prefer natural smiles. The best way is to interact with the person and do something stupid, funny and ask them to tell you about a nice memory. They’ll appear less tense and you’ll have more natural shots.


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Dmitriy Dzema

I love it.

I tend to move subject off-center making portraits and almost always set wrong aperture :)