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The Flame Worker ~ Thailand

A Thai flame worker working on a glass ornament during the Sunday Walking market in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Flameworking is the art of creating glass ornaments using a torch to melt glass rods while shaping it with different tools.

It’s an art that has been practiced since Ancient Syria in the 1st century B.C.

This Thai man is often found during the Saturday or Sunday Walking Markets in Chiang Mai working on his craft. It’s fascinating to stop and watch him skillfully shape beautiful trinkets and glass sculptures.


Quick Tips:

The rule of thirds is an important rule to learn for beginning photographers. It can even apply to portraits and not only landscapes shots. Here, the head of the man and the torch are placed on the focus points of the photo and makes it more pleasing to look than if he was placed right in the middle of the shot.


3 Things I love:


Northern Lights

My new Canon L lens


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  • http://www.overyonderlust.com Erica

    You may kill me for saying this but he looks like a Thai Johnny Depp. :X

    • http://www.canvas-of-light.com Daniel Nahabedian

      Yeah you are kinda right :) He does look like Depp.

  • http://www.travelmedianinja.com joshywashington

    Agree Erica! He seriously looks like a flame working badass. Love the glowing ball of molten glass…very beautiful.

    • http://www.canvas-of-light.com Daniel Nahabedian

      Thanks Josh.

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