The Bamboo Bridge ~ Thailand

A bridge made of bamboo over a little pond in a temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


This is a little bamboo bridge over a pond I found behind a temple in Chiang Mai, leading to the monks headquarters. It felt shaky when I walked on it but looked stable enough as many monks use it daily to cross to the temple grounds.

One thing I find disappointing in the Western world is the reliance on the holy petroleum and its derivatives (plastic, rubber, etc..) for daily needs instead of more natural and creative ways like relying on bamboo plants.

Bamboo is an extremely resilient plant that can be planted in poor soils, requires little water and can grow very fast (up to one foot a day!). It’s an obvious gift from Nature.

Asians understood the usefulness of bamboo. They are found everywhere in daily life in Thailand. Here are a few of the uses of bamboo:

baskets, hats, cages, boats, bridges, scaffolding, pipes, furniture, carts, chopsticks, clothing, tools, drinking cups, paper, musical instruments, fishing poles, ladders, utensils… and that’s only scratching the surface.

Bamboo can also be eaten. The Chinese also make beer out of it.

The Western World needs to increasingly replace the use of plastic and wood products with these marvelous plants.

How about you, what other uses of bamboo have you encountered?


Quick Tips:

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3 Things I love:

French pastries

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Foggy days


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I confidently strode across that same bridge just a scant 5 weeks ago. As you say the initial feeling was one of shakiness but then I remembered that this is common scaffolding material in Asia and I recall reading of its robustness before. As we saw during last years upheavals in BKK bamboo makes awesome fortifications and weapons, though I hope that remains one of the more obscure uses. I think it makes good garden fencing and food steamers. Thanks for highlighting the uses of this amazing plant and let us hope the Western world will indeed start to utilize… Read more »

If I saw a few other people using it I think I would be more than comfortable making my way across. I’m all for bamboo. Bring it!


I just found this bridge earlier in the week and did the same thing – shot a bunch of pics.

I’d love to see what this looks like at sunrise.

Great shot!



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