Temple Gong ~ Thailand

A close-up shot of a temple gong in Chiang Mai, North of Thailand.


This is a close-up shot of a gong found in a temple in with a hanging mallet in Chiang Mai, North of Thailand.

The gong is usually used for daily timetable. Early in the morning, a monk hits the gong in order to awake the other monks for prayer. During the day, a layman often hits the gong in order to call the monks for the morning and noon meals and in the evening a monk hits the gong to indicate the beginning of the prayers before sleep.

Fun fact: Every time the monks hit the gong, all the stray dogs living in the temple grounds start howling together.


Quick Tips:

Just as sometimes it’s good to go wide and unclutter the photo, it’s also good to actually zoom in and capture details or parts of an object and let the viewer visualize the rest. The gong is large and round but focusing on part of it with the mallet also does the trick.


3 Things I love:

Gongs and bells

Old hard cover books



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  • I love that the dogs howl at the gong! I bet it’s a beautiful sound (the gong, not the dogs).

    • It’s beautiful when you’re actually not at the temple. It’s really loud when you are surrounded by all the dogs haha.

  • Thailand is one of my dream destinations :) Such a nicely taken photo of a simple gong!

    • Thank you very much! Yes you should visit Thailand, especially the very culturally rich North.

  • Great shot Dan – that’s funny about the dogs!

  • Hi there – I love this photo and would be interested in using it on my website. Would you be open to that and if so, how would that work? Thanks.

  • I loved Thailand…rich in color, culture..and amazing people! Wonderful work!!