Super Moon in Chiang Mai ~ Thailand

The Super Moon on the 19th of March 2010 closest to Earth seen from Chiang Mai in Thailand.


This is a shot of the “Super Moon” rising behind a hotel seen from my rooftop in Chiang Mai, North of Thailand.

Yes.. This is a SUPER moon.. Did you expect anything else? Did you believe all the hype about the moon being so close to Earth it’ll appear monstrously big and bright and will probably cause earthquakes, tsunami-like tides and probably super-werewolves?

A supermoon is just a moon reaching the closest point to Earth (perigee) due to its elliptical orbit. Surprisingly, a lot of people forget that a lunar perigee occurs.. every 29.53 days. Nothing fancy. The moon still orbits the Earth and reaches that same point every cycle. Tonight, it just happens to be aligned with the sun and Earth appearing as full and 15% bigger than usual.

So please, avoid believing all the hype about earthquakes (Japan), tsunamis, storms all related to a supermoon.

On a side note, there is also another “event” that appears in our mailboxes every now and then: “Mars being closest to Earth and appearing as big as the Moon”.
Trust me, if Mars ever appeared as big as the moon and if you are still alive, say your last prayer because something in the Solar System has gone TERRIBLY wrong (either Mars or Earth went out of orbit and that’s bad). Don’t believe stupid emails.


Quick Tips:

When trying to take a photo of the moon or sun, try to shoot with a telezoom lens when they are low on the horizon and include other elements such as buildings, trees or silhouettes. They’ll make the moon/sun look really big.