Scale of Nature ~ Oman

A young man sitting at the edge of the Wadi Nakhr Canyon in Jabal Shams, Oman.

Here’s a shot of the beautiful Wadi Nakhr, also called the “Grand Canyon of the Middle-East“.

Three of my friends and I drove to Oman from Abu Dhabi to camp in the Jabal Shams mountain. The next day, we hiked to this point overlooking the canyon and spent some time taking photos and enjoying the silence.

The landscape was spectacular even with the harsh mid-day sun casting strong shadows. Taking a good photo was easy. However, adding one of my friends in the shot gave the whole scene a different perspective and a sense of scale.


Quick Tips:

(Even though this tip was already given before, it’s always a good reminder)

Adding a person or any identifiable object in a landscape shot (or any shot actually) gives a sense of scale to the photo. The viewer can then easily identify how vast the area is.