Feeding the Pigeons ~ Thailand

A foreigner feeding pigeons from his hand in a park in Chiang Mai, North of Thailand.


Feeding pigeons seems to be a favorite pastime of locals and farangs (foreigners) in Thailand.

In the only park of the old city in Chiang Mai, many people chill out soaking the sun and buy bags of pet food to feed both pigeons and the fish in the ponds.

As a result, pigeons are so used to humans feeding them that they always gather at a precise time in the same area, waiting for the same person to come and give them food. They also are hardly ever afraid of human presence and just peacefully share the urban space.


Quick Tips:

Always shoot in color and experiment afterwards if you want to keep the colors or desaturate your photos to Black and White. Not every photo looks good in monochrome and not every photo looks good in color. Experimenting is key.