Family at the Beach ~ The Netherlands

A family hanging out at one of the beaches North of Amsterdam in the Netherlands with a beautiful evening sky.


I don’t have much to say on this photo. It was taken in the Netherlands, on a beach North of Amsterdam. Part of the beach was full of people walking around next to a lighthouse and children playing with their kites, building sandcastles or abandoning beach villas. The other part of the beach was curiously empty except for this family collecting shells as they walk along the shore.

I thought it would be a great photo with tiny family against the endlessness of the sky.


Quick Tips:

Photos don’t need to be crowded in order to be interesting. A simple minimalistic shot with a lot of empty space and a subject that draws the eye can be more intriguing and pleasing to the eye than a cluttered shot with too much information.


3 Things I love:

Beautiful portraits

Eating chocolate custard with the fingers

Swings in a playground


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