Desert Wrinkles ~ UAE

A shot of the desert with wrinkles on a dune in black and white in the UAE

I love the shapes found in the desert.

With all the curves, ripples and wrinkles, it resembles a static wild ocean. The beautiful shadows from the harsh desert light on the dunes create opportunities for great abstract photos in black and white.

This photo was taken during a desert crossing with some friends near Dubai in the UAE.


Quick Tips:

When shooting in harsh desert conditions, be careful of your equipment. Don’t let your camera out under the sun and keep it in a bag in a shady place. Be careful when it’s breezy as the dust can penetrate your camera very easily. Also don’t forget to hydrate and protect yourself from the sun.


3 Things I love:

Sandy deserts

Coming up with new projects

Yann Tiersen


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Christy @ Technosyncratic

The patterns in this photo are amazing!


Gorgeous picture, I’ve been to Abu Dhabi desert and it’s such a great place for photography. Well, I like the desert in general, I’ve also enjoyed taking photos in Jaisalmer desert. I don’t really know why, even if it’s just endless sand dunes, there are so many different angles to capture!

Bluegreen Kirk

Very nice photo love the black and white.