Beach Gossip Girls ~ Oman

3 girlf friends chatting and gossiping together on a beach in Khasab, North of Oman.


Sorry if I disappointed you, this is not about the TV show Gossip Girls.

I used to live in a very hot and sunny country (ok I still do, but it’s a different one now) and we often used to escape the chaos of the city (Abu Dhabi or Dubai) and go camping during the weekends away from civilization.

Many friends also traveled from abroad and took advantage of the weather and the campings with us.

Two particular friends that day traveled all the way from California (USA) and arrived in Dubai in the middle of the night. We picked them up at the airport and drove directly to Khasab, a little fishing town North of the Omani enclave to camp on a beach. We reached the camping spot at sunrise..

Of course, the girls had to catch up during the day with all the gossip and stories they missed while apart.


Quick Tips:

Do you have trouble exposing correctly on sunny days at the beach? There is an easy tip if you shoot manual: Set your aperture at f/16 and shoot at 1/ISO seconds (So if your ISO is 100, you shoot at 1/100s). This ensures a correct exposure during daylight.


3 Things I love:

Freshly squeezed Orange Juice

Finding old books in random bookstores

Walking barefoot on wet grass


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  • I always have problems shooting on sunny days… which is sad because that’s always when I want to frolic outside! I’ll definitely try out this tip, though, and see how it goes.

    • Yes it’s always a pain (and never advised) to shoot during sunny days under harsh light, but this tip makes it easier. It won’t change the fact that the light is still not beautiful though.