A Wet Ride ~ Thailand

A rickshaw taxi carrying a passenger during a very rainy day in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

In Thailand, the weather from February until May is considered to be the hottest. The temperatures are usually above 30C (above 90F) and many young backpackers just wander around shirtless showing their white pecs (and beer belly) to all the single ladies out there (go home, please).

However, in the past few days, Thailand has been experiencing a strange weather and it’s been raining for 3 days in a row with temperatures as low as 13C (55F). A mysterious 5m wave has also capsized a tourist boat on one of the islands in the South.

Young backpackers had to put on shirts and fleeces and are looking all grumpy because of the rain.

Some blame the Global Warming, some mention the slight shift in Earth’s axis after the Japan earthquake, others swear it’s an alien conspiracy or accuse Al Qaeda.

Whatever the real cause, it’s been really cold and I’m even wearing socks at home!


Quick Tips:

When you are planning a photo-outing, check the weather forecast in the local media as soon as you arrive so you can make plans for sunny, cloudy, or rainy days. Every day is good for photos, you just have to change your plan.


3 Things I love:

Alien conspiracies

Being under a blanket on a cold night

Kinder Buenos


  • Great shot Dan! I really dig this one. You have a great eye for when a pic should be showcased in B&W.

    For me, at least the snow is melting in Sweden…

  • Carrie – PipeDreamJunkie

    That’s a fantastic shot! How did you protect your camera to get this? Did you have an actual rain hood or are you a Ziploc fan or what? Inquiring minds are dying to know :D

    • Thanks Carrie!
      Well, I could just keep my secrets and make it sound mysterious, or I could say something cool…
      But actually I had no protection whatsoever on my camera. I was under a small roof, protected from the rain and I just crouched to take the shot fast and jumped back before I get splashed. Nothing fancy hehe.

  • Kind of feeling sorry for the old guy! but great shot Dan! :)

  • I really love this photo…. and the text you wrote to go along with it was quite entertaining today. ;)