The Watchtower ~ China

A creepy looking watchtower with Chinese architecture in Zhuhai, China.


Last year I went to visit China around the South coast. We spent a weekend together in Zhuhai, a prefecture-level city bordering Macau.

Zhuhai is in the province of Guangdong, in the Pearl river delta. It is a popular touristic place for the Chinese and is often called the “Chinese Riviera“.

We went walking on the waterfront promenade for a few shots. The weather was overcast but it was a pleasant day. I liked the city, it is quite green (as in lots of trees), clean, not crowded and laid back.

On the promenade was this abandoned Chinese-style watchtower overlooking the sea. It was the first time I have seen this kind of architecture for a building like this. The rusty bridge, the broken windows, the murky water and rocks below and the overcast weather gave it a creepy atmosphere. It could be a good setting for a horror movie with the final scene against the bad psychopath inside.

The Watchtower

“Scream all you want, no lifeguards will save you”


Quick Tips:

A camera is an undeniably powerful tool for photographers. However, it is not of very good use against psychopaths, aliens or monsters. Do not use it as a weapon against them. However, you can use your camera to get yourself out of difficult situation, just like this hiker who got rescued from certain death thanks to his flash.


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