Setting Sun over Chiang Mai ~ Thailand

Photo of the setting sun behind the cloudy horizon over the city of Chiang Mai in Thailand


This is a shot of the setting sun over the city of Chiang Mai this evening after I spent a whole day walking around town for a mini-photowalk with myself.

It was a hot and slightly overcast day (thank you soft light) but it was a nice relief to see the sun set and the temperature cooling down.

The house you see in the foreground has a typical Thai architecture with a layered roof and you can recognize a Chatra, the multi-tiered golden umbrella peeking from behind the trees from the top of a chedi.

Summer is arriving fast in Thailand.


Quick Tips:

Take time to explore and go walk around your neighborhood. It’s part of the joy of photography. Wander around, talk to people, get lost, find new alleys or new places you’ve never entered. It will take time and patience to get that unique shot.. and if not, you’ll have a great time and you will get to know your city better!


3 Things I love:

A beautiful handwriting

Finding marbles or toys in the street

Staring at Lava Lamps


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