La Rioja vineyards ~ Spain

A landscape of vineyards in the La Rioja province in Spain.


La Rioja is the home of Spanish Red Wine.

A province and autonomous community of Northern Spain, La Rioja is crossed by the Camino de Santiago. The name comes from the river Oja that flows through the region (Rio Oja).

La Rioja is also the second province with the smallest population in Spain. The total population is 325,000m with half of the people living in the capital, Logroño. It did feel quite empty when I walked through it twice.

It is a beautiful province with large acres of vineyards and low hills. The weather is often great and warm.

This is why this shot reminds me of vineyards in the Provence in France, or Tuscany in Italy.

Personal advice: When eating in la Rioja, do not order white wine. I have received weird looks and it seriously doesn’t taste very good. Red wine is the way to go! Certainly tastes much better than the free wine from the Wine Fountain in Navarra!


Quick Tips:

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Michael Hodson

you had me at wine…. ;)


[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Michael Hodson, Lindsay Slack. Lindsay Slack said: New Photo: La Rioja vineyards ~ Spain – via @Eloren #travel #photography — I want to move into that building! […]

So I must share the following with you : I’ve been following your site for the past few weeks, and your photography tips are been most helpful as I am trying to make my own photo’s better…. I’m currently in Flagstaff, Arizona on business. Tonight, myself and a vendor went out to a wine bar, and lo and behold they had a Roija on their wine list. I thought to myself, I recognize that name…made the connection that it was from your website, and we both tried and love it!! I told her ( the vendor) all about your website… Read more »