Khom Loy Flying Lanterns ~ Thailand

A woman holding her child and a Khom Loy lantern already lit and ready to be launched in Chiang Mai, Thailand


Thai people love Khom Loy lanterns. Actually Thai people and most visitors do.

There is something special in seeing those huge lanterns filled with hot air gliding gracefully in the sky like giant jellyfish. It just makes people happy.

Khom Loys are lanterns resembling hot-air balloons. They originated in China and were first used in battlefields as signaling balloons. They are usually made of oiled rice paper and a bamboo frame. A waxy flammable container is attached under the lantern. As the flame is lit, hot air fills the balloon which after a few minutes just glides upwards by itself.

Khom Loys are used in every event in Thailand. From birthdays and weddings to holidays or big celebrations, every occasion is an excuse to release a series of lanterns in the sky.

Most of the time, Khom Loys are associated to the Loy Krathong / Yi Peng festival. Thousands of lanterns are released at the same time North of Chiang Mai. The feeling is so powerful and amazing. You can view here a photo essay about Loy Krathong as well as a short video of the release.


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