The Fishing Town of Cee ~ Spain

A panoramic shot of the beautiful and quiet fishing village of Cee on the Pagan route after the Camino de Santiago in Spain


Usually, most pilgrims end the Camino de Santiago in the town of Santiago de Compostella, in front of the Cathedral where supposedly lie the remains of St. James.

But the Camino doesn’t really end there, it continues up to Finisterra, the “end of the World” where they say a shepherd found the body of St. James. It is also called the “Pagan route” as it was a pilgrimage route way before Christianity.

On my first Camino, I stopped in Santiago due to lack of time. On my second pilgrimage, I decided to go all the way to Finisterra.. And I did not regret it.

The path is really beautiful with amazing sceneries along the Atlantic Ocean and many towns perched on the hills, bathing under a beautiful sun. It’s a nice change after walking across Spain far from any sea.

This is the little fishing town of Cee, about 12km before “point 0”, the end of the world. It’s a fairly quiet and peaceful town with all the boats gently swaying on a blue calm sea.


Quick Tips:

When taking wide landscape shots of mountains, it’s always a good idea to include people in the shot to give it a sense of scale.


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