Chiang Mai Sunset ~ Thailand

A beautiful sunset with clouds taken from my balcony in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Most photographers will tell you that the best time to take nice photos outdoors is during sunrise and sunset: The Golden Hour.

I work from my apartment in Chiang Mai, overlooking the city with a view on the Doi Suthep mountain. I’m often facing the window with this beautiful view. Every evening, I can’t help but grab my camera when the sun sets with beautiful clouds casting long shadows in the sky. I probably have tons of sunset photos from this same viewpoint on cloudy days or clear skies.

What do you think?


Quick Tips:

When composing within your viewfinder, try to find leading lines that lead straight to the main subject. Sidewalks and trees for example can help point towards the main subject you want to show.


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  • Dmitriy Dzema

    It was a great sunset. I captured a little bit of it from Wat Doi Suthep :)

    • Daniel Nahabedian

      Oh nice! I didn’t know you could see it from Doi Suthep, I thought it would be behind the mountain.

      • Dmitriy Dzema

        I have seen this beautiful clouds lighten up from behind.

  • Cathy Sweeney

    Wow – this is a stunning sunset photo. The rays through the clouds are heavenly.

    • Daniel Nahabedian

      Thanks Cathy.

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  • Sophie

    Excellent shot!

    • Daniel Nahabedian

      Thank you Sophie :)

  • jade

    wow- stunning!

    • Daniel Nahabedian

      Thank you Jade!

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  • Español en Tailandia

    Hey! I live in Chiang Mai as well. Where abouts do you live to have that amazing view?

    • Daniel Nahabedian

      Hey thanks for the visit :)
      I live right outside Chiang Mai gate (South gate) and I took this from my balcony.

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