Chiang Mai Street Food ~ Thailand

A street shot of street food stalls every evening at Chiang Mai Gate in Thailand


In Chiang Mai, every Saturdays and Sundays take place the famous “Walking Night Markets” on Th Ratchadamnoen, and Th Wualai offering a taste of provincial culture, cheap bargains and reminding the itinerant merchants stopping in town to sell their goods.
The streets are often packed with both locals and tourists making it hard to move around.

However, good street food is not only found during weekend markets.

Every evening at the Southern Gate of the Old City (Chiang Mai Gate), many vendors pull out their carts and set up a food market with a huge variety of local food and desserts.

From pad thai to pad kra phao (fried holy basil w/ chicken), pad naams (local sweet and sour sausage w/ rice and glass noodles) or green curry, khao soy (rice noodles in creamy yellow curry sauce w/ coconut milk) or pad puk boong (fried morning glory w/ chicken and rice)..  You can find almost anything every step.

My taste buds are grateful every evening and my stomach curses me all night long.

Some people would avoid eating street food from fear of poor hygiene, especially after hearing stories of people dying from it. Despite accidents, I think it’s an excellent way to discover local culture and eat like the locals eat. There is bad food everywhere, even in the most developed countries.

What do you think? Would you be afraid to taste food from a merchant like in the photo above?


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Love the random photo link! I wish more bloggers did this. What a great way to discover new places and see more of your beautiful photographs!


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I left CM only a week ago, and missing the food!

Great photo. There are some fantastic food vendors at CM gate.