Chiang Mai Rainy Season – Thailand

A cityscape panorama of Chiang Mai during the rainy season with a storm approaching over the mountain in Thailand.


Chiang Mai, like most of Thailand, has about 2 seasons: the Hot Season and the Rainy Season (although it gets chillier here in winter).

The Rainy Season in Chiang Mai is from around June to October with August and September being the rainiest months. It brings respite from the heat and is a great opportunity for dramatic photos.

The season is characterized by torrential downpours in the late afternoon after sunny mornings, but they tend to last just about an hour instead of a steady stream of rain. Often accompanied by a lovely breeze, it cools down the city and makes it more pleasant to walk around.

What I also find fascinating is how the locals are so accustomed to the rain that they know exactly when it’s going to strike. During markets, they suddenly all take out huge plastic covers that they set up on the goods in a few minutes while all foreigners look up the sky wandering why. It never fails, it starts raining less than a minute later.

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Quick Tips:

Panoramas are easy to do. Set your camera on a tripod for better performance and take a few shots overlapping each other. Then use a software to automatically stitch the photos together. I personally use Microsoft ICE (it’s free) and am very satisfied with it.