Alto del Perdon ~ Spain

The Alto del Perdon mountain statues representing pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago near Pamplona in Spain


Alto del Perdon … The Mount of Forgiveness.

As the pilgrim walks out of Pamplona in Spain, a hill stands on his way, defying him/her, with many giant windmills spread on its peak.

It is a very windy place, and a long winding climb. The path is not very steep but feels tiring.. Maybe the weight of unforgiven sins on our shoulders?

Once the top of the hill is reached, he is welcomed by these statues representing pilgrims, braving the wind to continue their chosen path. It gives him hope and strength to carry on. Many have passed here before him and many will in the future. As he looks west towards his goal, a splendid view of the hilly region of Navarra stretches to the horizon.

Before he continues his journey towards the small town of Puente la Reina, his next stop for the night, he takes a moment to connect with the spirit of the place and reads the engraved words:

Donde se cruza
El Camino del Viento
Con el de las Estrellas

Where meet
The Path of the Wind
And the Path of the Stars

(The Path of the Wind represents the top of the mountain with the windmills, windy all year long, and the Path of the Stars is the Camino de Santiago, said to be following the Milky Way).


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