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The Dragon ~ Hong Kong

A Chinese Dragon sculpted in stone near a temple in Hong Kong on Lantau Island, China


I saw this sculpture of a Chinese dragon while visiting the Lantau Island in Hong Kong, China.

I’ve always had a fascination with dragons. Probably due to my childhood reading (mostly fantasy).

Dragons are legendary creatures appearing in various forms in many distant cultures of the world. Makes you wonder why this connection across continents.

There are 2 distinct traditions of dragons: the European dragon and the Chinese dragon (there are also others but less known). The European dragon is usually a huge serpent-like creature with wings, often found in caves. They are usually of malevolent nature and are often source of destruction.

The Chinese dragons however are different from their European cousins. Although having the same serpent-like shape, Chinese dragons can also take human form and are usually seen as benevolent and wise.  They are tied to the Water element unlike the European dragon which is usually of the Earth element.

Chinese dragon sculptures are a common site on buildings and paintings. I was amazed by this one carved in stone at the entrance of a temple. Smooth and fierce at the same time.


Quick Tips:

After a day of shooting, reset your camera settings in the evening. You wouldn’t want to lose that fleeting moment and ruin the shot the next day because you left your ISO on 16000.


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