The Balloon Man ~ Thailand

A balloon seller standing straight waiting for costumers during the busy Sunday walking Market in Chiang Mai, North of Thailand


Some of the most important markets in Chiang Mai are the Saturday Walking Market and the Sunday Walking Market. Both markets take place in different parts of town on Saturday night (Wualai Street) and Sunday night obviously (Ratchadamnoen Rd).

The busy roads close for traffic starting about 4pm and hundreds of vendors install their stalls. From Hill Tribe items to Art and food, anything can be found on these markets!

Here is a shot of the balloon vendor who attends both markets. I always see him standing and waiting for people in front of one of the temples. I liked how he was standing still while the crowd was moving in front of him.

And he always manages to sell all his balloons quickly!


Quick Tips:

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  1. phyllis

    A neighbor just called me with your URL wanting me to see your pics (WONDERFUL!)
    I do want you to critique my horse photo on my blog, one post down.