Stairway to the Abyss ~ U.A.E.

A stairway descending into darkness in an old building in Abu Dhabi, UAE


This is one of the first “nice” photos I took when I bought my camera back in October 2007. I had no idea what I was doing with it but I just kept trying.

These stairs descending endlessly into darkness attracted me and I had to take the risk. The ramp was lower than I expected and I had to ask a friend to hold me while I leaned over to take the photo with my arms stretched. I needed to be extra careful looking down the Abyss. I felt it stare back at me (get the reference?).

These stairs were found in an old building in Abu Dhabi, capital of the U.A.E. They don’t make these kind of emergency stairs anymore in the ultra-modern high rise buildings. Most stairs today remind me of dungeon stairs in the Middle-Ages: Narrow and dirty.

We need more stairs to climb. Keeps us fit!


Things I love today:

The smell of tea

The sight of a beautiful haircut

The sound of the ice-cream cart bell

The taste of chicken soup

The feel of being pampered while sick


Quick Tips:

The lens hood on your camera lens is to be used. I know it looks cooler when put backwards but lens hoods prevent lens flares, add contrast and protect the lens.


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This is just amazing!


I Have the same type of stairs in my building and i just love it! and it’s the main access stairs. We also have another metallic emergency stairs, of similar shape :)


In Abu Dhabi*


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