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A Kayan Tribe Mother and Child ~ Thailand

A Kayan "long neck" hill tribe mother playing with her child near Chiang Mai, North of Thailand.

Another shot of the Kayan Lahwi Hill Tribe I visited in a village near Chiang Mai, North of Thailand.

It was a touching moment as I was watching the mother playing with her child with only little stones (she has them in her hands). The little baby was giggling all the time and I loved this candid moment while they were both looking at each other with a big smile.

If you want to read more about the Kayan Lahwi, head over to this beautiful portrait shot I posted a few weeks ago.


Things I love today:

The smell of rainy weather

The sound of temple bells

The taste of junk food with friends

The sight of planes taking off from my window

The feel of getting things done


Quick Tips:

While taking a photo, stop for a few seconds and check in the frame what is not needed. Photography is also about how to keep it simple and what to exclude from the frame.

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