Kayan “Long Neck” Tribe Lady ~ Thailand

A portrait of a stoic Kayan Hill Tribe Long Neck lady near Chiang Mai, North of Thailand.


Another portrait of a Kayan Lahwi Hill Tribe from Thailand, commonly known as the “Long Necks” amongst tourists.

This lady was sitting in her hut, silently watching tourists go by with a piercing look. I was observing her from a distance and did not see her smile or even move at all. I suppose many of the Kayan people living in tourist villages are just fed up of seeing farangs walk around taking photos of them.

I approached her, politely tried to engage conversation and pointed my camera asking ‘photo?’. She gave me an quick nod without taking her eyes off of me or even a hint of a smile.

I took the shot as fast as I could, thanked her (wai style) and moved on. I kind of felt bad for her to be sitting there and watching people go by.

One thing that actually amused me in her traditional clothing is the very traditional “Hello Kitty” headware. I wouldn’t have noticed it if I didn’t spend time processing the photo.


Quick Tips:

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Things I love:

The smell of lavender

The sight of a stormy sky

The sound of a camera shutter

The taste of Chocpuccino

The feel of meeting new friends


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Nice portrait, you really captured her piercing look.


Well, at least she didn’t request tips from you. I took photos of some kids in Laos and they immediately asked some money from me. Very nice photo! And I agree with you that it’s actually quite sad for the “Long Necks” to be the attraction (to be watched) just to boost up their tourism economy.

Peter Ole Kvint

She is the female chief and midwife.