The Glittering Tour Eiffel ~ France

A famous French Icon, the Tour Eiffel, glittering at night every hour overlooking Paris.


The Tour Eiffel is one of the most famous icons in the world with over 30 duplicates in many different countries.

The beautiful tower always knew how to show herself to the city of Love with beautiful light shows of different colors. However, many don’t know that the structure also glitters every hour for a few minutes!

In 2000, about 20 000 lamps have been installed all over the tower in addition to the usual golden lighting. These lamps flashed and glittered every hour for 10 minutes from nighttime to 1AM. It has later been reduced to 5 minutes to conserve energy.

In 2003, these lamps have been reinstalled for a period of 10 years until 2013.

It’s such a beautiful sight to watch the tower glitter every change of hour for 10 minutes while overlooking to charming Paris.


Quick Tips:

When shooting handheld with a very slow shutterspeed, put your camera on ‘continuous shooting’ and take a 4-5 shots of the same subject. There is a good chance that the middle photo is sharp enough to be used.

(Actually, always keep your camera in burst mode, much better).


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