2011 ~ An Awesome New Year

The beautiful last sunset of 2010 over the Arabian Sea in the UAE near Abu Dhabi.

As the evening approached, I threw down the shovel I was using to dig a hole in the sand for the camp fire and grabbed my camera to wait by the sea for this picture:

The last sunset of 2010.

The past year was an awesome year, with many many highs and hardly any lows. It was a year I met my wonderful girlfriend, the year I settled in Chiang Mai, Thailand and the year I re-launched my newly designed photography blog with great success.

2010 was the year I sat down and decided which path I was taking and where I wanted to be heading. It was never an easy decision, but I had a lot of support and love.

But now that 2010 is gone, I know I can make 2011 even better, an awesome year with a lot of success and goals reached.

In the next few weeks, I will start unfolding new projects, ideas, competitions, tons of tips and a new goodies section. Stay tuned by following my Canvas of Light Facebook Fan Page for exclusive content and giveaways.

Talking about the New Year, how did you spend your NY’s Eve? I went camping for 3 days in the deserts of the UAE and by the beach with a group of close friends and awesome people.

Have an Awesome New Year everyone!


Thing I love today:

The smell of Lavender incense

The sight of home

The taste of home food

The sound of friends singing

The feel of excitement of the New Year