The Isle River, Perigueux ~ France

A small river dock for fishermen on a small river in Perigueux, a small town in France, during autumn.


As Fall is drawing close and already many Northern Hemisphere countries are buried under snow, I thought it’d be a good idea to post a last colorful fall-ish photo.

This photo was taken in France, in a small town called Perigueux, East of Bordeaux.

I’m actually cheating because, although it looks like a photo representing fall, it has been taken in the 1st of January 2008, during winter. It was a beautiful afternoon, walking with my brother along the Isle river, a 255km long river connecting to the Dordogne.

The whole area was buried under snow a few days later but it felt like a nice cool day on that special afternoon.

Perigueux is a quiet little town of about 30.000 inhabitants in the Dordogne department South-West of France. The name comes originally from a Gallic word meaning “The Four Tribes“. It was the capital of four tribes of Gauls before the Romans conquered the whole area.

Perigueux is also home of a beautiful cathedral, the St Front cathedral, with a mix of Byzantine and Oriental/Arabic architecture. It is said that the Oriental designs were made to prevent Arab invaders (although they never reached up this North) from destroying the cathedral.

Finally, on a side note, Perigueux was the first town where I saw the symbol of the Camino de Santiago: a shell encrusted in the pavement of a small street that leads the way to Santiago. It is there that the seed was planted in my mind and nurtured into a pilgrimage 4 months later.


Things I like today:

The smell of pineapple

The taste of apple juice

The sight of a pretty haircut

The sound of wind chimes

The feel of holiday season


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