Find Reality ~ UAE Desert

A square shot of the desert in the UAE near Dubai in Black and White with dunes and sand ripples.

“To the desert go prophets and hermits, through the desert go pilgrims and exiles.
Here, the leaders of the great religions have sought the therapeutic and spiritual values of retreat, not to escape but to find reality”

~ Paul Shepard ~

I have always found the desert to be a mystical place. It is serene, quiet and relaxing. Silence reigns, a void enabling us to hear the important voices inside ourselves.

Almost every weekend during “winter” time when I still lived in the UAE, I escaped the chaos of big cities with a few friends to find peace and refuge in the surrounding deserts.
Either camping or just desert crossing, it’s always relaxing for the soul… and Fun!

I also love photographing the desert. There is something about all those forms, dunes and harsh shadows that make it very pleasing to the eye. Call me crazy but I also find all the curves kind of.. sensual and feminine.

Shooting in the desert is quite tricky. The sand here is made of very fine grains. With a slight wind blowing all the time, it’s not an easy task to keep your camera clean, not to mention your eyes, ears and mouth.
The best moments to take pictures are at dawn or in the evening because of the light, sun angle and of course temperature.

Since I started traveling, it is probably one of the rare things I miss from the UAE. From desert to jungle… what a change!