Street Food ~ Thailand

A Thai man cooking pad thai noodles in the streets of khao san road in Bangkok, Thailand


One of my biggest pleasures while traveling is: Food!
Especially Street Food.

Street food is obtained from a streetside vendor, a portable stall or small stand (like a hot dog stand in the US, or “kitchen carts” in Asia). It is often regional or local “fast food” to take away, although some vendors also put up stools and small tables on the sidewalk for clients to sit and eat.
Prepared on the go, in 2 minutes, it’s the best way to taste local flavors and mix in with the crowd.

Unfortunately, in “civilized” countries, it’s becoming less frequent to find street food vendors, mostly because of safety and health concern. Many people still doubt the cleanliness of these stalls.

In my case, I’d rather focus on the benefits of street food:

  • It gives you a taste of local flavors, makes you discover new dishes. Why would you want to travel across the world to a foreign country and eat the same food you ate at home?
  • It’s quick and inexpensive.
  • It gets people out, adds life to the streets and boosts local economy.
  • Concerning Health safety, it actually makes you healthier than all the germ-less bland food served in restaurants. No I am not crazy: We fall sick in foreign countries because of germ exposure. We are not used to the same germs and bacterias in different countries. Our body just needs to adapt and rebuild our immune system and a fast way to do so is to eat street food! What’s the worse that can happen? An extended stay in your bathroom?


Things I love today:

The smell of coffee

The sight of lanterns against the moon

The sound of a marching band in the morning

The taste of burgers with friends

The feel of my body during Tai Chi


  • May or may not have just devoured a crepe with nutella – nut exactly haute gourmandise but delicious all the same! looks so yummy :)

    • Merci Brenna!
      I wouldn’t mind a good crepe au Nutella too right now! haha

  • i hear you!

    i wish i’d eaten more street food in thailand instead of all those overpriced burgers, pizzas and english breakfasts.

    and i do agree, i think that eating this kind of food definitely gives your immunity a kickstart, and makes you less likely to get insanely toilet-bound sick.

    and, who says any of the restaurant kitchens are cleaner than the street stalls anyway? i didn’t bother to have a look at the health status of any!

    • Well, I guess you’ll have to come back and taste some more street food! ;)


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  • I absolutely love street food! Nice post, you raise some valid points. In Mexico, I got sick at a fancier restaurant, but tolerated street food without any problems. Go figure :)

    • Thank you Pola!
      Yes fancier restaurants are not always cleaner. I’d say street vendors try to pay even more attention to hygiene as there business depends on it.

  • Great photo!

  • Love Asian street food. This photo really shows street food at its finest.

  • You just made me incredibly hungry. Looks amazing!

  • Agreed, street food in Thailand is fabulous and great photo! I lived there for 2 years and existed almost solely on street food.

    • Thanks Laurel!
      Yes, even though I have some western food craving from time to time, I generally only eat street food here in Chiang Mai. We have many stalls at night near our house!

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