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The offering of the Deva ~ HK

The statue of a deva offering fruits to Tian Tan Buddha on Lantau Island in Hong Kong

On Lantau Island in Hong Kong is one of the 5 biggest Buddha statues in China: The Tian Tan Buddha.

The 34 meter high Bronze Buddha statue sits on a lotus throne on a small hill accessed by a long flight of stairs (268 steps). The serene Buddha is also surrounded by six smaller bronze statues of Devas called “The offerings of the 6 Devas”. These Devas are each posed praising and offering gifts like flowers, incense or fruits (as shown).

I liked those six statues around the Buddha. They all had also little signs asking to not throw any coins which of course did not prevent people from doing it at all.

Here’s a scoop: I don’t think Buddha/God/Allah needs your small coins to bless you (would you throw big bills?). Give them to charity, that’s a better thing to do(especially when it is clearly expressed not to throw money).

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