Reykjavik ~ Iceland

A panoramic shot of Reykjavik the capital of Iceland from the top of a church tower on a cloudy day

This is Reykjavik, the awesome capital of one of my favorite countries in the world: Iceland.

It was taken from the top of Hallgrímskirkja, a church rising proudly on a hill overlooking the city.

I fell in love with Reykjavik. The place is laid back, with friendly people, many art galleries and a beautiful location. The weather was a bit chaotic as usual but it didn’t prevent me from exploring around.

Comments (6)

  1. Rakel Edda

    I like this picture. It’s not just well framed and has good lighting, but it also portrays two of the most charming features of the city: the multicoloured houses and roof tops, and the mountains that encircle the capital area.
    I hope you enjoyed your stay in Iceland, it’s a place that has a lot to offer for photographers ;) Have you been there often? Ever been outside of the south-west corner?

    • Daniel Nahabedian

      Thank you very much Rakel!
      Yes I adored Reykjavik and Iceland. Truly a beautiful country, probably the no.1 in my list!
      I unfortunately did not have time to visit other parts than the South-West. I’ve been only to Reykjavik and trekked for a week around Langjokull glacier.
      I will definitely return again :)