Pebble Garden ~ Spain

A garden of small pebble cairns on the camino de santiago near ventosa in Spain.


One of the magical places I encountered on the Camino de Santiago in Spain was “The Garden of Pebbles”.

It was really a tough day: pain in the knees, pain in the right ankle, blisters, heavy backpack.. I had just stopped for a quick meal in Ventosa and desperately wanted to reach the next village to finally rest. That’s when I discovered this place with hundreds of small pebble cairns everywhere.

All these pebbles put there by praying pilgrims over the course of the years gave the place almost a holy and magical atmosphere. It was peaceful, relaxing and full of comforting energy. I had to stop, put my backpack down and sit there in silence even though it was getting late.

I finally ended up camping not far away instead of reaching the next town, under a cloudy sky offering a beautiful sunset over the ice-capped mountains.

Buen Camino!

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Beautiful! Love when you find unexpected surprises that send you in a new directions. Kudos to you for being open to life’s little gifts.

Michael Hodson

Love the use of B&W in this particular shot. Well done.

Ayngelina .

Love that you found a shot in something I would have walked past