Le Bistrot Parisien ~ Paris

An old red deux cheveaux Citroen car in front of a Parisian bistrot cafe in the streets of Paris, France


When you hear Paris, what do you think? What image comes to mind?

Of course, most people visualize the Eiffel Tower or Notre-Dame Cathedral. But Paris is much much more than that!
The small narrow streets with the old bistrots, windows with rows of croissants and Pains au chocolat, the clichéd Frenchman walking under a cold rain munching the end of a baguette, a young couple sitting on the sidewalk whispering in each others ears, an old woman keeping an eye on her poodle chasing skaters, the lonely student sitting on a bench sketching a monument, girls giggling and gossiping along the Seine river while lazy Bateaux-Mouches are gliding full of tourists…

That’s Paris for me, the old Deuch (“Deux-Chevaux” The old Citroën car on the photo), the cafés, the smell of fresh croissant, the sound of accordion from a busker in the metro, the Carousels ..

Listen to this music, close your eyes, and wander in the streets of the city of Love!